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// React
import { createDashingKitClient } from '@dashing-kit/client'
import DashingKitProvider from '@dashing-kit/react/DashingKitProvider'
import DashingActivity from '@dashing-kit/react/DashingActivity'

const MyComponent = () => {
  const client = useMemo(() => 
      user: { id: 'foo', name: 'Grace Hopper' },
      projectId: 'prj_xxx',
      accessToken: 'client_xxx'
    }), [])

  return (
    <DashingKitProvider client={client}>
        <h1>Order #123</h1>
      <DashingActivity entityId="order_123" />

Feature packed

Easy start, flexible customization

We make it easy to get started, and meet your other requirements if you need it


Add comments to anything


Upload attachments with previews

Custom events

Use our API to add any events to activity log


We make it easy to add customer permissions


We provide an API if you want to load / add comments programmatically

Live Updates

See new comments as they come without the need to refresh a page

Man programming

Get things done

Productivity obsessed

Like you, we cut to the chase. Having built many dashboards we see that components have to be written over and over. We aim to solve that.

Focus on your business by leaving other things to us.